Featured Streamer #4 - @SimplyStrick

Our next featured streamer is a good friend and supporter of HeartGamingg - +simplystrick Simply has come into ladyremee's channel and always been very supportive of the gaming community. Rob has been playing videogames since the early 80s with playing on  the Commodore 64 and Atari 2600. When NES came out, that definitely set him on track of being a gamer for life. Simply is livestreaming from his PS4 and playing games like: Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield and other games. Other than livestreaming and creepin in ladyremee's chat, he works full time in the Hospital! He is also a partnered streamer with @gaming4adoption 
Starting in January he started to livestream everyday Monday - Friday 8AM - 12PM EST. For all the support he has provided for us, we are giving back and showing him the #Hgg love.
Please go give him a follow and check out his livestream!

Interview With The Remee featuring @Gaming4Adoption

This week we got to chat with owner of #GamingForAdoption Manny. Gaming For Adoption is a movement that utilizes the gaming community to reach out to the whole world! Our goal is to create awareness of adoption and have a positive impact in as many lives as we can. Everyone is important and EVERYONE matters!

Thanks for chatting with us Manny and giving us more insight of what Gaming For Adoption is and what it brings to the gaming community. If you missed it live on ladyremee's Twitch, below is the video! Like, Subscribe and Comment. If you have any questions, please leave below and we will definitely make sure to send it over to Manny!

February #Lootcrate Unboxing - Theme: Play

Here is ladyremee's Lootcrate Unboxing!
If you are interested in your own box, click here to head over to their website.
The theme this month was play - They had great items such as 
Munny World figurine by KidRobot 
SuperFight Exclusive Lootcrate expansion deck
Hexbug Robotics scarab toy
Original Crate Packing Simulator 2015 Board Game
and more... Check out the video below.

Interview with the Remee featuring - @StarcraftDraven

Ladyremee started a new feature on her livestream called 'Interview with the remee' - This feature will be on her livestream every Wednesday with new upcoming Livestreamers, YouTubers or Gamers in general! 

Thanks to @StarcraftDraven for allowing me to interview him on stream. We had a good time talking about his gaming experiences, overall career goals and his passion for gaming!

Please make sure to follow him on his social media outlets - Show him that heartgamingg love!


Saturday, February 21st 2015 - 4PM - Dinner, Drinks & Games @TheBelmontLA

This Saturday, February 21st 2015 4PM -- We will be at the TheBelmont in WestHollywood. It is a restaurant and bar which is a really nice one! One of our meetup group members owns the restaurant and is allowing us to hold multiple events there. There will be really good looking food, drinks and board games. If you a board game we should play, bring it a long! We hope to see you there. If you need more information please check out the meetup group link - http://tinyurl.com/hggbel

Featured Friday Streamer #3 - SCMothership

Michael 'SCMothership' Novak is a gaming content creator on YouTube and also livestreams. He is best known for his Starcraft 2 gameplay and casting. He is a freelance caster for psistorm Gaming. We have seen his pro shoutcasting for Starcraft 2 because he has done some with our friend, Draven! He also plays other Blizzard games, RTS, RPG and Strategy games. He is best known for his YouTube channel which has over 5600 subscribers! He now also livestreams on Twitch.tv streaming during the weekends due to being full-time student. He also works for ESL as well. His stream schedule is Friday (9pm), Saturday & Sunday (5pm).

While watching some of his YouTube vids and highlights from stream, I really enjoy his Arcade Play series. Arcade play is a show that SCMothership started with a few the viewers. Each week they play a new Arcade game with stream viewers. He started on Oct 16th 2014 and just ended his first season.

Arcade Play - Episode 10 - Part 6 with Feardragon, Rageypoo, Filthyrake, KJFreeedom & Bounty

Please check him out on his livestream and also Subscribe to his YouTube channel. If you want to learn how to play Starcraft 2 -- definitely check him out and watch his stream!

SCMothership shoutcasting team match between Psistorm Gaming & Team Ascension