Scardy Cat Sundays - Five Nights At Freddy's 2

I can't stand scary games. I really don't like playing them, but stream loves seeing me and djt3kn get scared out of our asses. On Scardy Cat Sundays, djt3kn and I play random scary games that we adore! Here we are playing Five Nights At Freddy's 2. We played the first one, so we knew what we were up with. The jump scares, crazy sounds in the background, the little boy saying 'Hai' totally freaked us out. We couldn't pass night 4 but hope we can try again!

Hope you enjoy our crazyness. FYI: RIP HEADPHONE USERS

#LootCrate Unboxing - January 2015 - Theme: Rewind

It's that time of month when we share with you the amazing #LootCrate Unboxing. First of the year - January 2015, the theme is Rewind. 

Hope you enjoy!

24hr Live Stream Charity Event - Bluejayontoast & Thatnanachick

This Saturday, 1/10/15 - 1/11/15, HeartGamingg crew member, @Bluejayontoast & friend @Thatnanachick will be doing a 24hr Live Stream Charity Event to raise money for Cancer Research Institute! -- They will be starting at 12:00PM PST playing a variety of games and having a good time. All donations will go directly to the charity! Please go and give BlueJay a follow on her livestream and support! There will be giveaways provided by HeartGamingg and other amazing supporters!

Share, spread the word, muchlove!

Chariot Gameplay with d0tmpeg (Steam)

Watch live video from ladyremee on Twitch Here is our first time playing Chariot on Steam. We had a great time playing and is an awesome game! Check it out on Steam, xBox One, Playstation 4. Will be available on WiiU soon.

Event - Fluff Ice Thursday Game Night (Monrovia, CA)

FluffIce is an amazing traditional shaved ice desser in a non-traditional way. There desserts are made with love and totally delicious! At their Monrovia location, they will be hosting Thursday Game Nights! Starting on 1/8/2015 6-9PM come by the store and hang out bring your favorite consoles, board/card games and meet other gamers!

Thanks to the owner, Matthew Hui, for hosting this awesome event! They hope to have Game Night on other days and at their other locations! More information in the future.

We hope to see some of you locals there on 1/8/2015!

until next time

My First Time at Blizzcon 2014

Now nearing the end of 2014, we had one more convention to hit before the end of the year, its highly anticipated BlizzCon 2014 in Anaheim, CA. After attending several conventions this year, we were sure glad to end the year with a bang. We were very excited to see what Blizzard had in stored for its millions of fans around the world, myself included having been a long time Starcraft player and fan of anything Blizzard. From the start, there was no doubt that Blizzard went all out for its fans. The sets for each of the games were very elaborate and different. Each genre of game had their own setup to reflect on the game itself. World of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm all had different setups for its stages and for the panels to take place throughout the day. The main stage was no different and from the start, Blizzard gave us a hint of how huge this event has become since its birth. It became a place where Blizzard wanted to take its fans and where the fans wanted to keep coming to. There were so many things you could do and not just play all the titles from Blizzard but to also meet and greet the production…
Each and every game at BlizzCon had a set and plenty of P.C.’s for everyone to go out and try the games. Even with the large crowds, the lines were moving smoothly and you had plenty of time to walk around and play all the games. With two new additions to the Blizzard genre family in Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm, fans first got to see a sneak peek at the highly anticipated upcoming Blizzard movie Warcraft(which is now in post-production and set to come out in 2016). Blizzard gave us a sneak peek at its first FPS game, Overwatch, set to come out in open beta in early 2015. Overwatch is a brand new 6v6 team based shooter game that allows fans to enter a new world for Blizzard which brings the combat to a first person shooter perspective. This allows those fans wanting to get down and dirty with quick shooter reactions and abilities the opportunity to get some till they’ve had enough.
The second game added, Heroes of the Storm is Blizzards first battle arena which is the first of its kind for Blizzard and features a 5v5 multiplayer arena in which you play different heroes from the Blizzard family (Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo). Heroes of the Storm sets players in an arena set with gained payments, abilities and teammates to help you destroy the opponents Nexus to win the game. Heroes of the Storm, is set to be on closed beta-testing in January 2015.

 In this year’s Blizzcon, they created a Starcraft 2 arena stage for the WCS Global Finals. With their amazing creativity of an interactive stage that would change scenery dependent on what class the player chooses for the match. The arena fit up to 6,000 Starcraft 2 fans and if you were unable to attend Blizzcon, you were able to purchase tickets to only attend the WCS Global Finals. During the whole weekend, you were able to experience the amazing eSports of Starcraft 2 and root for your favorite player to win the Finals. The winner of the WCS 2014 Global Finals was Life in a 4-1 series.

With Blizzard dishing out these two new additions to its repertoire, it is on point to make BlizzCon 2015 a day to really look forward to and see what Blizzard has in stored for next year.

until next time