Interview With The Remee with Grenade Tree Games | Outland 17: Void of Liberty

A upcoming game in development called Outland 17: Void of Liberty created by Grenade Tree Games is a sci-fi tactical RPG which is based around the events of the American Revolutionary War. This game is created for casual gamers but can take it to the next level for the hardcore gamers. In the demo you play 4 characters and the game allows you to make the choices that will have a substantial impact on what happens throughout the game.

I was able to play 2 of the missions on the demo and it was really enjoyable. I enjoyed the ability to customize my character with skill points, weaponry and armor. I enjoy games when you have the time to really customize the character to your own liking. The game is now at a point where they are asking the gaming community for help. They have started a Kickstarter with a goal of $10,000 to reach the goal of providing a finished polished game.

We chatted with the Producer, JC Santiago and Marketing Manager, Grant Taylor about there upcoming development. They took the time out of their busy schedule to chat with us! Grenade Tree Games indie game studio has been around for 2 years. They have 7 members on their team which all have a full time job as well as creating this awesome game for the community.
Below is the broadcast of Joyce chatting with a couple of members from Grenade Tree Games.

We are so excited for this game and can't wait to play more of it. The demo has a total of 9 missions! ladyremee will be doing a 'charity' livestream, April 26, 2015 @ 5:00PM, which she will be playing through the whole demo of Outland 17: Void of Liberty The ultimate goal is for people to know more about the game and pledge to the Kickstarter fund. Any tips provided to ladyremee during her livestream, she will be giving it to the Outland 17 Kickstarter fund!

Joysticks Required - Sony takes a leap of faith with PlayStation's flagship television series, "Powers"

Sony first announced at the 2014 E3 that it would be developing the first original TV series exclusively for the PlayStation console.
Coincidence that months before Microsoft announced it’s plans for creating and releasing at least a dozen TV shows for its Xbox console? Probably not. The difference is that Microsoft abandoned its attempt. Sony has not.

Sony Pictures Entertainment is already a multi-billion dollar movie and television company and now they’ll be taking their distribution duties a step further by releasing “Powers” on the PlayStation console.

This takes the next-gen console to a whole new level.

Instead of just competing with Microsoft and Nintendo in the gaming industry, Sony will be jumping into unknown territory competing with services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon that also provide original series'.

This is a giant leap of faith by Sony, using “Powers” as their flagship television series for PlayStation and PlayStation Plus members. The actual budget of the series hasn’t been released but it’s said to be in the neighborhood of $2-$4 million per episode, which is comparable to Netflix’s “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black’s” $4 million per episode budget.

The series, based off the graphic novel of the same name, has been in the works for 14 years. In 2001 it was originally going to be a film, then an FX series, then after shooting a pilot FX announced a rewrite and a reshoot, then abandoned it and now it has been taken completely over by Sony.

Even though it’s been riddled with re casts, re shoots, and re writes, Sony seems to have chosen “Powers” hoping it will appeal to gamers along with die hard comic book fans.

The show follows two homicide detectives working in a special division called “Powers” which investigates crimes involving superhumans. One of the detectives, Christian Walker, used to be a superhero but lost his powers.

Not only is Sony putting out the big bucks for their first PlayStation series, but you’ll see some big names involved. Eddie Izzard, Noah Taylor, Susan Heyward and Michelle Forbes are among the stars.

Sony began releasing episodes of “Powers” to its PlayStation Plus members March 10. It's inaugural series will consist of 10 episodes, one new episode being released every Tuesday. So far it’s received mixed reviews.

Dinner/Drinks with fellow #gamers - yes plserino! @AlibiRoomLA

Come join fellow gamers eat amazing food and drink awesome cocktails and craft beers at #AlibiRoomLA This place has amazing food by Roy Choi's Kogi BBQ and Chego rice bowls! I definitely go there for the amazing Kogi BBQ tacos. They have great cocktails and over 30+ handpicked beer by the bottle, can from all over. I have been there multiple times for definitely the amazing kogi bbq tacos. The beer is amazing. The atmosphere is very hipster and vintage. It is a smaller venue but has a 'home' feeling to it.

We will be there Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 @7:00p.m. We spoke to the managers there and they told us Monday-Wednesday is a better time to host an event. We hope we can do this every month if people enjoy this place.

Parking is on the street as the venue has no parking. Street parking is free. The space is small so please be aware you may have to stand as we are unable to save a table.

Here is a preview of the food and drink menu:

To see a full menu click here

To see a full menu click here

You can RSVP here so we know how many people are going to be attending!

Welcome to Heartgamingg: Lideyuh & two new features!!!!

Hey there fellow Heartgamers!
I'm Lideyuh and I am BEYOND excited to be a part of this community with you!
Who am I? Well I'm a 25-year-old Technical Media Director in South
Alabama, but more importantly, I'm a gamer.

Specifically a console gamer.

My first console was a Super Nintendo..well…technically it was my
brothers but I used to secretly play Super Mario World and Duck Hunt
when he wasn't around.
After that I was strictly a hand-held gal. I didn't save enough
allowance money to buy a console but I got a Game Boy Color, Game Boy
Advance and eventually a PSP for birthday gifts.

I had two cousins that both had a Playstation 2. One lived in New
York, one lived in Ohio. Every time we went to visit (and I mean every
time) I would stay at their house as long as possible to see how far I
could get on Kingdom Hearts. That began my love affair not only with
console gaming, but Kingdom Hearts as well. I didn’t own my own
console, which was a Playstation 3, until I was 22, and I guess you
could say the rest is history!

In case you haven’t caught on, console gaming is my cup of tea.

One of the first features I'll be starting is called "Joysticks
Required". This will be a go-to feature for all your console needs.
Not just the dramatics of Microsoft v. Nintendo v. Sony
Did you know the first gaming console created was code named “The Brown Box”?
Why is Playstation getting into the TV Show making business?
Are Super Smash Bros. and Zelda the last hope for the WiiU being a
relevant nextgen console?

These questions answered and other console tid-bids will be featured
on Joysticks Required.

Another feature I’ll be bringing to you will be “Powderpuff Power Up”,
focusing on all subjects female-gaming related.
DON’T WORRY! This won’t be “Gamer-Gate” spewing. This will be the
lighter side of “gamer girls”
I’d like to feature interest stories about female gamers/streamers,
female-only tournaments & teams, female cosplayers, females in high
positions in gaming companies and much more “gamer girl” news and

I’m very very excited to be a new member of the heartgamingg community
and I can’t wait to bring these two features to you on a regular

I’m always open to suggestions and I can’t wait to hear from everyone!


Featured Streamer #5 - Gentleman_Joey

Our newest #HggFeature is a good friend of ours Gentleman_Joey who has been a big supporter of heartgaminGG and of ladyremee's livestream. He just got back into livestreaming so why not send him some love and support his way!

He has been gaming for 25+ years since the Atari. He has a 7 year old son who plays Don't Starve with on stream. He plays Don't Starve, League of Legends and Smite. He is very knowledge on his Smite explaining the gameplay.

His schedule varies as he works full time and also attending school. At the moment his tentative schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 8PM - 12AM EST & Tuesday and Thursday 9:30AM - 3:00PM EST.

Please give a warm welcome to our newest #HggFeature and make sure to follow him on Twitch and Twitter!

Watch live video from Gentleman_Joey on Twitch

March LootCrate Unboxing - Covert

It is that time of month again! March LootCrate Unboxing - Theme this month is Covert. They had some really awesome stuff inside the box even a Tshirt! - OMG we need to play some MadLibs - Comment below and let us know what was your favorite item from this months crate?