Chicks Speak Geek - New Weekly Talk Show!

We are super excited to support an upcoming show that will be live on #twitch called 'Chicks Speak Geek'! This show will be live Sundays at 4PM pacific standard time. 

The show will include 4 lovely women, ladyremee (CEO of heartgaminGG), Narz (CEO of ggVogue), BlueJayOnToast (Livestreamer on Twitch, leader of Team Birdhouse, graphic designer for hgg) & Appy_Nation (Livestreamer on Twitch, apart of Team Birdhouse). The show will include videogame news, entertainment, comics, movies, television and everything in between that showcases Geek Culture! We will have special guests come and join us on our babble-on. heartgaminGG's writer, Lideyuh  (Rize Up Gaming Livestreamer, Creator of Podcast Loaded Ladies also will be joining in on CSG on assisting with writing and being a special guest often on the show! 

Please join us on our first Chicks Speak Geek on May 31st at 4PM PST at

Joysticks Required - Sony's Leaked Emails Churn Rumors About 2 Game-Based Movies.

The Guardians of Peace, or the "GOP", allegedly hacked the emails of Sony Pictures Entertainment employees in November 2014 and released them to the public. It's rumored that this was a result of the anti-North Korea comedy, The Interview. The emails included personal and business related information of Sony Pictures employees. Shortly after the hack Sony executive, Amy Pascal conveniently resigned her position to start her own production studio.
What does this have to do with gaming? Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment are obviously two separate subsidiaries of Sony. But the two combine when Sony Pictures begins production of a movie based on a Sony Computer video game.
Take into consideration that some of these emails are close to a year old, so there is a good chance details since then have changed.

Based on the leaked emails, let's take a look at some details that have been discovered.

Rumors have been running rampant since 2010 about an Uncharted movie series. We already "officially" know a movie is in the works directed by Seth Gordon, written by Mark Boal with a Summer 2016 release date. Now detailed rumors can either be put to rest, or escalated.

-No one from the studio has announced it, but it's pretty obvious Mark Wahlberg will be Nathan Drake.

Among the leaked Sony documents includes a couple of versions of the Uncharted movie script.

Talks of a Bioshock movie have been pretty much silent since around 2012. Gore Verbinski was originally set as the director with a 2011 release date coinciding with the release of the third Bioshock game. Verbinski dropped out as the director due to budget issues but stayed on as producer with Juan Carlos Fesnadilla taking over as the new director.

-Sony is closing up rights to the plot and characters, which obviously shows a Bioshock adaptation is back in the works.

Again, these are all rumors and these emails are around a year old so the details can always change, but this should hold over all the curious fans of the game until the studio releases any "official" information.

Featured Streamer #6 - WOW Battleground Master Gigasnail

Gigasnail is an awesome LA native gamer. He has the best moustache on Twitch ever! He just recently started streaming full time and is a WOW Battleground Master! He plays World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. He does a great amount of rated battlegrounds and plays as either a Warlock, Priest, Druid or Rogue. He is known for his awesome warlock skills on Darkspear and Tichondrius. He is a 2400+ warlock/priest with mad skills on that CC. He doesn't only play on NA, but he does have characters on EU. 

Here is a list of his characters:
Gigaheal - Hpriest - NA Darkspear Alliance
Gigasnail - Warlock - NA Darkspear Alliance
Gigashift - rDruid - NA Darkspear Alliance
Gigasneak - Rogue - NA Darkspear Alliance
Gigasnail - Warlock NA Tichondrius Horde
Gigaguise - Hpriest - NA Tichondrius Horde
Gigasnail - Hpriest - EU Outland Alliance
Gigashift - rDruid - EU Outland Alliance

Gigasnail has been a  livestreamer for 3 years now but for the past 6months he has made his hobby into a job, he now livestreaming full time. He streams Monday - Saturday at various times but does stream for at least 8-12 hours a day. He normally does go live after 200PM PST.

He is also joining Gamers League Live putting together the largest community run WoW RBG Tournament. He is really excited and can't wait for this to occur. To learn more about Gamers League, you can check their website at

He is a really great guy and fun to watch. He explains the game well and their is a whole lotta action in those RBGs. Go give him a follow and check out his stream sometime! 

Here is some footage of Gigasnail playing a Restoration Druid in a RBG.

First Debonair Soiree to held in late June - NYCLOL

April 23, 2015

First Debonair Soiree to be held in late June
League of Legends Debonair themed party in New York City
Manhattan, N.Y. --
The New York City League of Legends, LLC will host its first annual League of Legends Debonair Soiree on June 20th. A mid-summer party with a League of Legends twist, the Summer Soiree hopes to attract east coast gamers who want to have the quintessential New York nightlife experience in their own way.
Additionally, NYCLOL will also showcase related elements of the gaming community. Esports and Youtube personalities will be in attendance - Blakinola, Gbay99, and ex-LCS player Chuuper were among the first to confirm their presence. The party will also feature cosplayers, art, apparel, and gaming-related brands and giveaways.
"This party will be unlike anything ever seen in the gaming community,” said Cristina Sylvia Amaya, Founder and Project Manager for NYC LoL. “This will be a grand spectacle, a chance for gamers to celebrate their passions in a uniquely New York way."
NYC League of Legends is Riot Games supported community, a grassroots organization that holds monthly viewing parties, yearly tournaments, social events with pro players, training workshops, and more. To date, NYC League of Legends has 2000 members spanning from teens to adults.
For more information on NYC LoL and sponsorship opportunities or to schedule interviews with staff, shoutcasters, or players, please contact For tickets and event info, visit our site. | Facebook:NYC LoL | Twitter: @NYC LoL