Welcome to Heartgamingg: Lideyuh & two new features!!!!

Hey there fellow Heartgamers!
I'm Lideyuh and I am BEYOND excited to be a part of this community with you!
Who am I? Well I'm a 25-year-old Technical Media Director in South
Alabama, but more importantly, I'm a gamer.

Specifically a console gamer.

My first console was a Super Nintendo..well…technically it was my
brothers but I used to secretly play Super Mario World and Duck Hunt
when he wasn't around.
After that I was strictly a hand-held gal. I didn't save enough
allowance money to buy a console but I got a Game Boy Color, Game Boy
Advance and eventually a PSP for birthday gifts.

I had two cousins that both had a Playstation 2. One lived in New
York, one lived in Ohio. Every time we went to visit (and I mean every
time) I would stay at their house as long as possible to see how far I
could get on Kingdom Hearts. That began my love affair not only with
console gaming, but Kingdom Hearts as well. I didn’t own my own
console, which was a Playstation 3, until I was 22, and I guess you
could say the rest is history!

In case you haven’t caught on, console gaming is my cup of tea.

One of the first features I'll be starting is called "Joysticks
Required". This will be a go-to feature for all your console needs.
Not just the dramatics of Microsoft v. Nintendo v. Sony
Did you know the first gaming console created was code named “The Brown Box”?
Why is Playstation getting into the TV Show making business?
Are Super Smash Bros. and Zelda the last hope for the WiiU being a
relevant nextgen console?

These questions answered and other console tid-bids will be featured
on Joysticks Required.

Another feature I’ll be bringing to you will be “Powderpuff Power Up”,
focusing on all subjects female-gaming related.
DON’T WORRY! This won’t be “Gamer-Gate” spewing. This will be the
lighter side of “gamer girls”
I’d like to feature interest stories about female gamers/streamers,
female-only tournaments & teams, female cosplayers, females in high
positions in gaming companies and much more “gamer girl” news and

I’m very very excited to be a new member of the heartgamingg community
and I can’t wait to bring these two features to you on a regular

I’m always open to suggestions and I can’t wait to hear from everyone!


Featured Streamer #5 - Gentleman_Joey

Our newest #HggFeature is a good friend of ours Gentleman_Joey who has been a big supporter of heartgaminGG and of ladyremee's livestream. He just got back into livestreaming so why not send him some love and support his way!

He has been gaming for 25+ years since the Atari. He has a 7 year old son who plays Don't Starve with on stream. He plays Don't Starve, League of Legends and Smite. He is very knowledge on his Smite explaining the gameplay.

His schedule varies as he works full time and also attending school. At the moment his tentative schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 8PM - 12AM EST & Tuesday and Thursday 9:30AM - 3:00PM EST.

Please give a warm welcome to our newest #HggFeature and make sure to follow him on Twitch and Twitter!

Watch live video from Gentleman_Joey on Twitch

March LootCrate Unboxing - Covert

It is that time of month again! March LootCrate Unboxing - Theme this month is Covert. They had some really awesome stuff inside the box even a Tshirt! - OMG we need to play some MadLibs - Comment below and let us know what was your favorite item from this months crate?

Remee Plays - Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind forest came out March 11, 2015 and is available on Steam or Xbox One.
It is a platform adventure video games created by Moon Studios. It is one awesome game with amazing artwork and epic soundtrack. The game is single player and can totally make you rage.
I have been playing the game for 3 days now and have died over 600 times. I am only about 60% into the game. You can purchase the game for $19.99 and I definitely recommend it. I probably am the worse person to play it since I am terrible at action-platformers, but it's a fun game to play! Here is a a bit of my first day playing the game.

Remee Plays - Early Access - SuperNova

Supernova is a new MOBA that is in its early access created by Bandai Namco Games.
You can sign up for early access here You have a commander that you control over but also you have the ability to control over your minions. You are able to choose which minions you would like to have on the battlefield! There has been no date on when the game will be released. 

Here is video gameplay of #ladyremee playing 2 tutorials. 

IndieOne Wanna Play - Episode 6 - SquirrelTopia

Thanks to Surreal Distractions for providing us codes to try out this fun Single Player game Squirreltopia. We were looking for games to play for IndieOne Wanna Play and did we find one that was super CUTE! Look at the squirrels! This is a single player game where you defeat levels to defeat the mean angry SQUIRREL! As much as this game looks cuddly and fun, it was freaking hard! If you would like to try out this game, pls comment below and we can provide you a code courtesy of Surreal Distractions!