PAX Prime 2014 - Photos

Hi everyone!

Last week we were able to attend PAX Prime 2014 in Seattle, WA. It was a great experience and we had a great time! Here are some photos from the expo! We will share more in depth stories and games that we experienced!!

For more photos at PAX Prime click on link below!


August LootCrate Unboxing - Heroes

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Winner will be announced September 15, 2014
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July LootCrate Unboxing - Villians



May #LootCrate Unboxing

Here is my May #LootCrate unboxing! Hope you enjoy! 
I am working on getting my videos to be much better! Sorry this is my 2nd time, I'm working on it!

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April LootCrate Unboxing

April LootCrate Unboxing
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Let's Play @ Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store in Westfield Century City Mall sponsor's us to have a fun gamer meetup! 
There will be 8 Xbox One units setup to play some TitanFall and 10 PC setups laptop/computer for League of Legends. You can also play on the Xbox One's COD: Ghosts. If you have a game you would like to bring, we can also play those on the Xbox Ones. 
This is a FREE event to attend. Donations are welcomed ($5.00 to Donations will be used for foods, refreshments and for future events. 
Come join and have a good time. You will have to pay for parking. For more information on parking, please check the Westfield Century Mall website. There is street parking, but limited.
We hope to see you there!


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League of Legends Charity Tournament - Hosted by: Tiltify

A local company here in LA is hosting a League of Legends Charity Tournament - All proceeds will be going to the American Red Cross. Please check out their website if you are interested in joining in!! 

League of Legends Tournament Saturday March 29 – Sunday March 30th   
Prize Pool includes a trip to Los Angeles to the NA LCS, A Meet and Greet with a Pro Team and over 100,000 Riot Points!
Shoutcast Live by Malfusx on
All this to benefit the American Red Cross during the last weekend of Red Cross Month.
$24/team to enter (less than $5/person) to benefit the Red Cross.  For the price of each entry fee the Red Cross can afford a full days of hot meals during a disaster or a comfort kit with food and blankets for those in need.
We will also be running a 50 hour marathon on our Twitch page all weekend start Friday at 6pm PT to raise even more money for the Red Cross.

Turn you Champion into a Hero and Register TODAY!

Check out the video here: 

Get you team together and register


March LootCrate Unboxing

Hi Guys! Here is my March - LootCrate Unboxing. Every month I will be doing the LootCrate Unboxing on my stream and then afterwards will be giving away 1 month of LootCrate for a lucky winner in my stream. Hope you like, comment below on what your favorite item was in the LootCrate!

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Amateur League of Legends Tournament - Hosted By:

 LoL Tourneys introduces our very first Amateur League of Legends Season. It's $8 buy in that covers 5 summoners and up to 3 substitute spots (see Rules for details). Our season starts off with 128 teams that will be split into 2 Divisions consisting of 64 teams per Division, the Summoners League and Champions League. Each League will be broken down into 8 groups, 8 teams per group. The season will take place over the course of 8 weeks and on the 8th week we will hold a 32 tournament for both Divisions with the 4 best teams from each group decided by records during the season. Sign-Up now! We've included an Info Graphic that will explain in further detail! Start date will be tentatively May 16th, please contact us at for any questions or concerns! 

Visit our Website!


EightyTwo Opens in the Downtown LA Arts District

We are very happy this new spot is opening this Friday, March 21, 2014
We are excited for this unique bar and can't wait to host events for all of you!
We hope that you come along meet other great gamers and have a great time drinking and playing some classic arcade games. 

this information was provided by EightyTwo - NewsLetter - Prismatics

The Unique Bar and Classic Arcade is Opening Friday, March 21

Los Angeles is about to get one-upped...

EightyTwo, the highly anticipated unique new bar and classic arcade in Downtown LA’s Arts District is officially opening its doors Friday. With its prime location on the corner of East Third Street and Alameda, EightyTwo will feature a full bar, a large outdoor tree-covered patio with seating, as well as a selection of over forty fully restored (and playable) arcade and pinball machines from the 1960s to the 1990s. Paying homage to the gaming culture from decades past, EightyTwo will celebrate The Golden Age of the Arcade. 

Founded by native Angelenos and Downtown residents Scott Davids and Noah Sutcliffe, EightyTwo will be a contemporary take on the classic arcade. Local Sci-Arc Architect, Darin Johnstone, has transformed the 1980s storefront into a modern edifice that will showcase the arcade and pinball games as playable objects of art. A minimalist, gallery-like interior will juxtapose the colorful, retro aesthetic of the games. In the arcade room, gems such as Space Invaders, Centipede, andStreetfighter II will be on display and available for play, while the pinball area will contain a variety of machines from the 1960s to the present. The bar’s two 2000 square foot rooms will be connected by a shaded, 1700 square-foot outdoor patio.

Founder Scott Davids has assembled and personally restored EightyTwo’s impressive arcade collection, while the pinball games have been sourced and will be maintained by local LA Pinball fixture Molly Atkinson, founder of Pins and Needles in Echo Park.  Molly will bring her passion for pinball culture as EightyTwo's arcade manager and resident repair technician.

In addition to gaming competitions, EightyTwo plans to host special events, art shows, and will bring a varied and progressive music program to the area. The specialty cocktail menu was created by mixology veteran Billy Ray of 13-Stitches. The drinks, all named after arcade and geek pop culture references, include an unexpected mix of aromatic craft cocktails with locally sourced ingredients and refreshing LaMill Coffee drinks, made with or without alcohol.

EightyTwo is located at 707 E. 4th Place, just steps from Würstkuche, Angel City Brewery and Umami Burger, in the heart of Downtown LA’s Arts District. Downtown’s newest hangout officially opens to the public this Friday, March 21,2014. EightyTwo is open Tuesday – Friday 5 PM till 2 AMSaturdayand Sunday 12 PM – 2 AM. Closed Monday. Phone # 213.626.8200
For more information about EightyTwo, please visit
For press inquiries, hi res images, or to set up a
walk through or interview, please contact PRISMATICS at 323.875.4767 

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Our mailing address is:
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Second Floor
Los Angeles CA 90029

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Interview with Tara Theoharis with GeekyHostess

We had the privilege chatting with Tara Theoharis from GeekyHostess.
She runs a great geeky inspired recipe blog that has been out for about 2+ years.
We chat about her blog and also an amazing project she has started on KickStarter Geeky Sprinkles.

This is my first every vlog and glad it went well.
If you have any suggestions, comments please add them below!
Please support to GeekyHostess and donate $1 to her amazing project!
I can't wait for my Geeky Sprinkles.

Until next time 


Fem Friday Feature - Gamer Origin Story by Ari Carr

How I Became a Gamer - Ari Carr

I’ve always been a bit of a nerd. I’ve always been a bookworm, and I’ve always been a gamer. I was pretty much brought up around video games, and I can’t remember a time when I either couldn’t read or couldn’t game. Holding a heavy book or holding a game controller in my hands for hours upon end has become completely natural to me over the years. Sadly I get to play video games a lot less than I’d like due to university work, blogging and my social life, but I still try to have a few hours here and there.
My Dad was the one who first introduced me to video games. Throughout most of my childhood, I have a lot of memories of him playing Final Fantasy VII, the Doom series, and Tomb Raider. I loved Tomb Raider, and Lara Croft was my role model throughout most of my childhood. Most of the games my Dad played, I picked up, and subsequently fell in love with them. I took to Final Fantasy VIII like a fish to water, and played it to death! However, I never could defeat the last set of bosses. They were just too much for me! But I never forgot the long, overarching storylines, the great characters and monsters, and I have long held a love for the Final Fantasy series.

My childhood best friend and now housemate Robin has also had a big impact on my gaming life. With two older brothers, Robin had more or less all the consoles, both old and new, with more games, and more opportunities for silliness! He had a chipped PlayStation One (which was able to play illegally copied games on, but sshh!) so along with the handful of games I had (mostly platformers like Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot, as well as my beloved Final Fantasy) we had a huge selection, and Robin introduced me to the joy and mad-button-mashing that are fighting games. As well as classic swords-and-sorcery on Soul Blade, we hammered Tekken. Our epic tournaments would often occupy entire afternoons, as Robin and I would face off against each other. He would always be Hwoarang, and I would always be Nina. We were pretty closely matched, and still continue to be. Outside of platformers and beat-em-ups, Robin and I would play games from independent Net Yaroze, which frequently released demos that came with various gaming magazine.

However, in 1998, the Game Boy Colour came out, and my life was changed forever. Receiving it as a gift for my birthday that year, I became accustomed to handheld gaming very quickly and rarely went anywhere without my trusty purple Game Boy. I had a very small selection of games for it, but I still put a lot of hours into every single one of them! The two games that I got with my Game Boy Colour were Pokémon Blue and Wacky Races, two nuggets from my childhood that I can’t bear to throw away. Robin and I would spend hours playing Pokémon, racing to see who could beat the Elite Four the fastest, or to see who could who could best who at a match. I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I used the rare candy/Missingno cheat a few times, and my level 100 Zapdos reigned supreme! However, my reigning victory on Pokémon Blue was that I raised a Dratini from level 3 to level 84 Dragonite. It took a long time, and a lot of training, but I am so proud of myself! Lavender Town did and still does creep me out, and the music sends shivers down my spine. One of my other Game Boy Colour favourites was Tetris, and the classic soundtrack is forever playing in my brain…

Several years later, the PlayStation 2 came out, and I was pleasantly surprised to unwrap it on Christmas morning! The game that came with it was Tekken 4, and since owning it (I still have the same one, all these years later) I have played a huge amount of games on it. Varying from Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex to Silent Hill 3 and all sorts in between! Some of my favourites have included Okami, Final Fantasy X (to date, the only Final Fantasy I’ve ever actually completed) Silent Hill 2 & 3, and Resident Evil 4. It’s pretty clear my Dad’s taste in horror/shoot-em-ups has influenced my gaming habits!

Out of all the games I played, Resident Evil 4 was the one that I played the most, and I’ve played most of the games in the Resident Evil franchise. My best friend Lawrence and I would frequently have mammoth gaming sessions, playing only RE4 and taking occasional breaks. At my best, I could complete the entire game in two and a half hours, but I’ve gotten much rustier since then- the last time I tried to play it, I only managed a paltry six hours. After eventually playing RE4 almost to death (and potentially back again) I got bored. Action horror was fun and all, but there’s only so long you can play it before it stops getting scary. I then stumbled across Silent Hill 2, and set off on a new road of horror gaming. I spent hours and hours playing through as many of the Silent Hill games as I could, and to date, they are still the creepiest and most disturbing games I’ve ever played.

As I previously mentioned, Final Fantasy X is the only Final Fantasy game I’ve ever completed, and it’s probably the only game I’ve cried over. Not tears of frustration, but genuine tears of sadness. The ending just pulled at my heartstrings so much. I’ve put somewhere near one hundred hours into the game, have assembled a kickass team, and I’m so proud. FFX is definitely my favourite, as I love the story, the characters, and the traditional-but-still-slightly-altered fighting system.

After years of having a PS2 and seeing various games come and go, the Xbox 360 finally made its way into my life. However, I only got round to buying myself one last summer, but that’s not to say I didn’t play it! I frequently ‘borrowed’ my Dad’s, and played through Resident Evil Five and Fallout 3 in quick succession, and sunk hours into playing. Fallout 3 was and still is one of my favourite video games. An FPSRPG set in a post-apocalyptic warzone where the survivors have an obsession fifties? Sounds perfect to me.

As for now, I play a bit less than I’d like to, but I still try and get on as much as I can. I recently finished Mirror’s Edge, and have been playing Soul Calibur V with my housemates, and have been kicking ass! I have a huge to-play list, but the next game I plan on playing through is the Batman: Arkham Asylum series, which combines two of my favourite things: comics and games!

You can read more stories and blog posts from Ari on her website

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