Extra Life LA 2015 Kick Off Event!

Come join Extra Life LA at their Kick off event at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Saturday 2/7/15 from 1pm to 5pm.
If you are interested in joining the Extra Life community, see what the Los Angeles Chapter has planned!

Scardy Cat Sundays - Five Nights At Freddy's 2

I can't stand scary games. I really don't like playing them, but stream loves seeing me and djt3kn get scared out of our asses. On Scardy Cat Sundays, djt3kn and I play random scary games that we adore! Here we are playing Five Nights At Freddy's 2. We played the first one, so we knew what we were up with. The jump scares, crazy sounds in the background, the little boy saying 'Hai' totally freaked us out. We couldn't pass night 4 but hope we can try again!

Hope you enjoy our crazyness. FYI: RIP HEADPHONE USERS

#LootCrate Unboxing - January 2015 - Theme: Rewind

It's that time of month when we share with you the amazing #LootCrate Unboxing. First of the year - January 2015, the theme is Rewind. 

Hope you enjoy!

24hr Live Stream Charity Event - Bluejayontoast & Thatnanachick

This Saturday, 1/10/15 - 1/11/15, HeartGamingg crew member, @Bluejayontoast & friend @Thatnanachick will be doing a 24hr Live Stream Charity Event to raise money for Cancer Research Institute! -- They will be starting at 12:00PM PST playing a variety of games and having a good time. All donations will go directly to the charity! Please go and give BlueJay a follow on her livestream and support! http://www.twitch.tv/bluejayontoast There will be giveaways provided by HeartGamingg and other amazing supporters!

Share, spread the word, muchlove!

Chariot Gameplay with d0tmpeg (Steam)

Watch live video from ladyremee on Twitch Here is our first time playing Chariot on Steam. We had a great time playing and is an awesome game! Check it out on Steam, xBox One, Playstation 4. Will be available on WiiU soon.

Event - Fluff Ice Thursday Game Night (Monrovia, CA)

FluffIce is an amazing traditional shaved ice desser in a non-traditional way. There desserts are made with love and totally delicious! At their Monrovia location, they will be hosting Thursday Game Nights! Starting on 1/8/2015 6-9PM come by the store and hang out bring your favorite consoles, board/card games and meet other gamers!

Thanks to the owner, Matthew Hui, for hosting this awesome event! They hope to have Game Night on other days and at their other locations! More information in the future.

We hope to see some of you locals there on 1/8/2015!

until next time